Steve Ryan

I've been working with an independent label for a year. When I first started writing, my intention was to bring enlightenment to my audience and I started writing spiritual stuff, things that I've struggled through and persevered out of, life experience, conspiracies, etc and my manager LOVED it and that's the reason why he originally wanted to work with me. However, my manager wants me to write about partying, money, weed, etc.. things that don't have much depth. He says I should save my material and I can put the intellectual stuff out once I establish my name in the industry but for now write mainstream stuff & put that out. I'm not too happy because that wasn't my intention and I feel an inner struggle with two different sides of me. When I do the mainstream stuff, I feel my dark side coming out. I can hear it too when I rap. It's been draining my energy. I enjoy all types of hip hop, however the vision I had for myself is different. Should I be patient or should I go?Please help!

Steve Ryan responded on 01/03/2016

Do what you feel is best for you. Trust your gut. It sounds like you may need to find a way to meet in the middle. Maybe give your manager what they are looking for, but still write what you feel too. As a songwriter myself, I do understand how you feel. One thing that you have to understand though is that, there are audiences for everything, from serious topics to non-serious topics. It sounds like your manager is trying to get you to connect to what they think will get you to a different level. At the end of the day, do what's in your gut and be smart about it. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in the moment for the bigger picture.

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